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Appendectomy & Nose Reshaping Surgery in Las Vegas

Surgical resection of the appendix (appendectomy) is usually performed with a cross-section or trellis (muscle fiber separation), centered on the McBurney point, in the lower right quadrant. Traditionally, a mesh incision is made perpendicularly to the umbilical line but a transverse incision is also commonly practiced. The choice of the incision site and its type is at the discretion of the surgeon. When the well-inflamed appendage is typically at the depth of the McBurney point, the site of maximum pain and sensitivity indicate the actual location. Click here if you are looking for a nose job: William Nye Rhinoplasty Las Vegas. The following description gives an outline of the clinical anatomy of appendectomy – not the surgical technique.

After the incision of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, the aponeurosis of the external oblique is incised along the lines of its fibers. An opening is then made in the same way in the oblique internal and transverse muscles of the abdomen, thus avoiding their innervation. The ilio-hypogastric nerve is identified between the muscular planes and reclined. The transversalis fascia and the peritoneum are incised and the caecum is released into the surgical wound. The appendix is ​​found at the convergence of the three tapeworms of the colon. Therefore, if the appendix is ​​not obvious, one of the tapeworms can be tracked down to its base. The meso-appendix containing the appendicular vessels is firmly ligated and severed. The base of the appendix is ​​seized and the appendix and excised; The stump is usually cauterized and buried in the caecum. The incision is then closed again by plane. As each muscle runs in a different direction, the incision is well protected when the layers return to their normal position.

In unusual malrotation of the intestine or absence of descent of the caecum, the appendix is ​​not in the lower right quadrant (Moore and Persaud, 2003). When the caecum is high (subhepatic caecum), the appendix is ​​in the right hypochondrium and the pain manifests itself there and not in the lower right quadrant.

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